Pet Hair Remover Gloves


We have a great solution to your hairy problems!

Try our Pet Hair Remover Gloves (one size fits all) and completely forget about shedding like an awful nightmare. Get rid of hairballs before they appear once and for all!

Hirundo Pet Grooming Gloves For Cats, Dogs & Horses - Left & Right ( 1 pair )

With Two-Hands Performance, you'll achieve twice faster and more impressive grooming results while just petting and stroking your pet! No more stressful chasing trying to comb out your pet. Our high-quality Grooming Gloves were designed to be extremely gentle with your pet bringing only satisfaction and pleasure.

Hirundo Pet Grooming Gloves For Cats, Dogs & Horses - Left & Right ( 1 pair )

  • FORGET ABOUT SHEDDING! - Our Gloves easily remove loose pet hair and tangles so no fur goes flying.
  • ENHANCED FIVE FINGER DESIGN - Allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like face, legs or tail.
  • PETS LOVE GLOVES - Rubber tips provide a gentle relaxing massage. Petting is better than pet chasing!
  • DO IT WITH BOTH HANDS! - Cut your grooming sessions twice and get more time for play or outside walk

Hirundo Pet Grooming Gloves For Cats, Dogs & Horses - Left & Right ( 1 pair )


  • You'll Get A Pair of Gloves - Use your both hands while grooming your furry friend!
  • Enhanced Five Finger Gloves Design - Gently clean sensitive hard-to-reach places, like face, tail or legs.
  • Use them Wet or Dry - Palm coating will help to keep your hands and fingernails clean.
  • Pets Love Massage - Scrubbing nubs provide relaxing massage, your pet will ask for more!
  • Reduce Shedding - Regular brushing removes loose hair and mats from your pet's coat.
  • Perfect for All Furry Friends - Skittish cats, playful dogs or graceful horses!


So, what are you waiting for? As you see, we have thought everything out, our Grooming Gloves are just what you need!


Have only the best moments with your furry friend and enjoy your clean house!

Packing Includes:   
  • 1 Pair x Grooming Gloves