DIY Crystal Glue Jewelry Mold

Design your very own piece of jewelry!

You can now unleash your inner artist soul and create a beautiful handmade piece of jewelry without using any complicated machine! Our DIY Crystal Glue Jewelry Mold is the perfect tool for making great designs of your own, bracelet, rings, and other jewelry. 

This is the PERFECT and VERY PERSONAL gift for your friends, family, and partners.

  • EASY TO USE - Different from AB epoxy resin that needs to mix and takes long curing time, our UV resin is ready to use and can instantly cure hard in minuteswith UV light or sunlight. It comes with a spout that could easily squeeze and inject the resin.

  • PREMIUM - Ultraviolet resin cures crystal clear, glassy and 100% waterproof finish while providing excellent scratch, stain and yellowing resistance. And it is self-leveling and self degassing characteristics help your crafting much easier.

  • MULTIPURPOSE - The clear UV glue can be used for casting and coating applications, such as jewelry making, crafts decorations, garment accessories, encapsulate objects, cast figurines and make resin paintings, etc.

Special Features:

  • Beautifully Handmade: Perfect tools for making great designs of your own, bracelet, rings, and other jewelry.
  • Various Designs: Oval, teardrop, star, heart, flower, etc., a variety of styles to meet your different needs.
  • Wide Applications: Can be applied to DIY different handiwork and jewelry, such as key chain, earrings, necklaces, pendant, bracelets and more, with many operating tools, help you make them more easily.
  • Multiple color choices. Perfect gift for family and friends.
  • Mold Kit: A metal twist drill makes you bore a hole easily. Plastic stirrers to help you stir the glue and plastic droppers to help you extract liquid.


15 x jewelry making molds,
25 x gold screw eye pins,
25 x silver screw eye pins,
5 x plastic stirrers,
5 x plastic spoons,
5 x plastic droppers,
1 x Hand Twist Drill (include 4 pieces twist bits),
1 x glitter powder sequins (1 random color),
1 x Storage Bag (Black / White / Blue)


***NOTE: Dried Flower Sets are sold separately.***