DentalSpa™ Water Flosser

Tired of flossing, going to the dentist or having food stuck in your teeth?

Install DentalSpa™ Water Flosser at your sink and experience the most effective, convenient and hassle free teeth cleaning at home.

The DentalSpa™ Water Flosser conveniently attaches to any bathroom sink faucet with our easy installation kit.


  • Easy to install and to use
  • Zero maintenance 
  • No external power needed
  • Safely removes any buildup of food particles and plaque
  • 6 replaceable water jet nozzles for couple or family members
  • Easy switch between normal water flow at the faucet and water jet

It performs exactly the same way as what's used at the dentist office. It's tested and proven that DentalSpa™ Water Flosser produces a much better cleaning result than traditional flossing and brushing.

And because it attaches to the faucet, you get to choose warm or cold water if you like.

Installation takes only 10 minutes and with the built-in toggle switch, simply choose between floss water jet or normal water flow from your faucet. A quick and convenient way to clean your teeth!

The DentalSpa™ Water Flosser is made to last, with valves constructed of chrome-plated brass. It comes with all hardware and detailed instructions, 6 water jet nozzles, and a nozzle holder. Replacement nozzles are available.

Note: This product requires a faucet that uses a screw-on aerator. Before you buy, please check your faucet to ensure that your aerator screws on and off so that the Aqua Floss Water Jet can be installed.

Super effective for people with braces, bridgework and more!

This is the #1  home oral water flosser in the market. It is the most Effective, Affordable, Easy to Install, Convenient To Use.

Start Maintaining Cleaner Teeth, Healthier Gums, Fresher Breath Today!